December 7, 2022

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GEORGIA CrimeBox for the week of September 5 to 11, 2022

Historic Case: Fiscal Year: 2002, CR_1034(Florida)

One of twenty-four criminal prosecutions under the CWA in the state of Florida

Fool me twice - Failing to report unfavorable test results brings a criminal record and large fines

The wastewater discharge permit granted to a Largo company specified the pre-treatment
process required before the waste could be accepted into the municipal treatment works.
The company was found in violation of its discharge permit, and wastewater treatment fees were increased accordingly.
(Raw wastewater is measured for chemical biological oxygen demand (CBOD); the higher the CBOD,
the higher the treatment cost to render the water acceptable for release into the environment.)
Following the assessed increase in wastewater treatment fees, the company hired a private firm to conduct an analysis of its wastewater.
Only the favorable CBOD results were reported to the authorities, omitting results in violation of the discharge permit.
The company was found guilty of knowingly violating its discharge permit by withholding test results, referencing Sec. 33 of the CWA.
Total federal fines: $50,000; total special assessment: $4040 for investigation cost; Total restitution: $50,000 to the City of Largo; total probation: 24 months.

SDWA Compliance for the week of Sept 19-25, 2022 87.9 %*

(*GA drinking water facilities currently in compliance with Safe Drinking Water Act)

- 2376 total Drinking Water Facilities in the state of GA

- 288 with Current Violations (12.1%)

- 33 with Significant Violations (1.4%)

- 37 with Formal Enforcement Actions (in the last 5 yrs) (1.5%)

Georgia Drinking Water Facilities with Significant Violations

Aspen Woods Lake

Buena Vista

Coweta Water and Sewer Authority

El Paraiso

Greystone Village


Haralson County Water Authority


Koinonia Village

Koinonia Forest Park

Line Creek Estates

Long’s Mobile Home Park

Maysville Water System

Meadowview Subdivision

Northridge Water & Light Co.

Oak Park

Oakridge Village

Peachtree Landing Subdivision


Pine Hill Est/Hearthstone Subdivision

Plantation Acres MHP

Southeastern Expeditions, LLC

Southern Hills Subdivision

Starrs Mill Ridge Subdivision


The Gates Subdivision 

The Travelers Inn

Union City

Upton Junction Phase II

Valley Mobile Home Community

Wedgewood Estates

Willow Lake MHP

Woodland Road Water Association

Georgia Spills we are Tracking Sep 19-25, 2022

Oconee River Watershed

- August 26 9:30 am, a tip came from the 1400 block of Sandy Flats Rd in Cleveland (White), that tanker trucks are dumping waste product onto a field of around 160 acres. The dumping was reported as ongoing. 

According to the reporting party, material is leaching into ground, water and local family wells. 

WTGA is following up with Georgia EPD for more information.

An emailed statement from Georgia EPD spokesperson Sara Lips:

“The complaint referenced is primarily a soil amendment issue, as opposed to a spill, so the Georgia Department of Agriculture is taking the lead on the investigation. EPD visited the site during a joint inspection with Dept of Ag, which is why we have a CTS complaint for the site that will be left open until the Department of Agriculture finishes their investigation.”

WTGA asked if the release was done with a discharge and elimination permit, in compliance with state regulations. GA EPD replied by email statement:

“First part is for the Department of Ag to answer. If it is being done in compliance with Ag rules, then a permit is not needed from EPD. From what we have been told, the materials being applied are registered soil amendment products. That registration process is done through the Department of Ag so they would be the ones to talk to about the composition.”

The file remains open, WTGA will update with the results of the Dept of Agriculture investigation.

Savannah River Watershed

- Aug 30, 3:30 pm caller reports raw sewage being pumped out of septic holding tanks into the nearby woods off Windsor Spring Road in Hephzibah, Augusta (Richmond). Complaint referred to the Richmond County Health Department. File #101195

Emailed statement response from Georgia EPD spokesperson Sara Lips:

“EPD received a complaint, in which the caller alleged the owner of a mobile home park removed septic tank caps and pumped the contents out to the nearby woods. The complaint was forwarded to the Department of Health for investigation, thus closing the complaint in EPD’s system. Department of Health found the complaint was valid, so you will need to contact them for an update on enforcement and compliance.”

WTGA has requested an update from Richmond County DOH.

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