August 17, 2022

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GEORGIA Crime/Violations for the week of August 1 to 7, 2022

Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD)

24-hour Emergency Hotline 1-800-241-4113

Report emergencies involving the release of any material that impacts public health or the environment, including chemicals, petroleum, manure, fires/explosions, or to make an emergency notification as required by law or by permit.

EPD's Emergency Response Program, which operates from the District Offices, performs these duties:

  • Responds to spills and releases of oil or hazardous materials on a 24-hour basis
  • Investigates high-priority complaints
  • Maintains Right-to-Know (SARA/Title III) information
  • Serves as staff to the State Emergency Response Commission
  • Implements provisions of the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act

All incoming calls to the State Warning Point are both digitally and voice recorded and subject to release under the Georgia Open Records Act. Therefore, anonymous calls cannot be accepted. This number is to be used to report emergencies. All non-emergency calls should be directed to the appropriate Branch or District Office.”

  • Source, Georgia EPD

Environmental Crimes: Fiscal Year 2020, Case 7:19-CR-00043

One of nine Clean Water Act Prosecutions in Georgia since 1986

Fuel tank truck driver sentenced to prison for deliberately dumping diesel

The tank truck driver realized he had loaded the wrong fuel product, dumped a harmful quantity (in this case, 3000 gallons) of diesel fuel on the ground. The oil product ran down a storm drain and into a series of creeks, eventually reaching the Ochlockonee River, a navigable waterway of the USA. This deliberate spill caused the evacuation of a school, as diesel fuel filled the ditches around the property. The EPA undertook a costly cleanup for this incident. The driver plead guilty and was sentenced to 18 months prison time.

SDWA Violations

Safe Drinking Water Act Compliance in Georgia

89.7% compliant

- 2376 total Drinking Water Facilities in the state of GA

  • 288 with Current Violations (8.7%)
  • 33 with Significant Violations (0.4%)
  • 37 with Formal Enforcement Actions (in the last 5 yrs) (1.6%)
  • 0 Criminal Prosecutions under the Safe Drinking Water Act

Significant Violations Drinking Water Facilities List – Jul 20, 2022

Aspen Woods Lake

Buena Vista

Coweta Water and Sewer Authority

El Paraiso

Greystone Village


Haralson County Water Authority


Koinonia Village

Koinonia Forest Park

Line Creek Estates

Long’s Mobile Home Park

Maysville Water System

Meadowview Subdivision

North Ridge Water & Light Co.

Oak Park

Oak Ridge Village

Peachtree Landing Subdivision


Pine Hill Est/Hearthstone Subdivision

Plantation Acres MHP

Southeastern Expeditions, LLC

Southern Hills Subdivision

Starrs Mill Ridge


The Gates Subdivision

The Traveler’s Inn

Union City

Upton Junction Phase 11

Valley Mobile Home Community

Wedgewood Estates Subdivision

Willow Lake Mobile Home Park

Woodland Road Water Association

Spills we are Tracking: responses from Georgia EPD in bold

  • July 7 File #100670 - 800 block of City Pond Rd in Winder, (Barrow County) report of an ongoing sewage spill coming from a new subdivision manhole. Closed Jul 11, 2022.

EPD: The spill in Barrow County was a wastewater spill from a bolt hole on the closed lid of one manhole. A line plug was downstream and was preventing wastewater from flowing. 

On July 8th, Barrow County and the City of Winder pumped the manhole with a vacuum truck. The downstream plug was then removed, and wastewater flowed freely downstream to the treatment plant. Barrow Utilities employees spread lime around the manhole. This was a dry land spill as it did not reach state waters.

  • July 14 File #100744 Reporting a spill of 500 gallons of gas following operator error/overfilling an underground storage tank on Lewis St. in Metter, Candler County.

EPD: Site is still under investigation, so the investigation report is not available for public view. No impacts to state waters were documented. EPD is working with the responsible party on a sampling and mitigation plan.

  • July 9, 5 pm File #100692 Vidalia, Toombs County; report of sewage overflow from a manhole, suggested cause: overloading of the system; estimate 50 gallons per minute ongoing. No fish kill reported. File closed July 18, 2022.

EPD:  Estimated volume was 5250 gallons, overflow was reported to last approximately 1 hour 45 minutes. Because this was not a major spill (>10,000 gallons), the facility is not required to perform sampling for 12 months.

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