November 29, 2023

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Safe Drinking Water Act
New EPA Serious Violators List published July 7
84% of Georgia Drinking Water Facilities listed with no EPA violations
as of the last completed inspection quarter, March 31, 2023

6 drinking water facilities added, 8 cleared from EPA serious violator list

2,387 total Drinking Water Facilities with active permits in the state of GA
  • 381 (16%) with Current Violations (down 9 from last quarter)
  • 32 (1.3%) with Significant Violations (down 3 from last quarter)
  • 30 (1.2%) with Formal Enforcement Actions (in the last 5 yrs)
  •  93,961 (2.5%) Georgia residents served by drinking water facilities with significant violations
EPA Serious Violator List
posted July 7, 2023 based on the last completed quarterly inspection cycle (Jan 1, 2023 – Mar 31, 2023)

  • Auburn*, pop 8094 (Barrow)
  • Beaver Dam Estates Mobile Home Park, pop 78 (Clarke County)
  • Buena Vista, pop 1588 (Marion) Flint River Watershed
  • Calhoun Utility, pop 213 (Long)
  • Camak, pop 200 (Warren)
  • Country Living Mobile Home Park, pop 49 (Coffee)
  • Dogwood Blossom Trailer Park, pop 68 (Douglas)
  • Fayetteville, pop 15281 (Fayette)
  • Franklin County Water System, pop 5691 (Franklin)
  • Hahira, pop 3440 (Lowndes) Suwannee River Watershed
  • Hazelhurst, pop 5569 (Jeff Davis)
  • Homer, pop 900 (Banks)
  • Last Frontier Subdivision*, pop 52 (Hart)
  • Little River Estates Mobile Home Park, pop 54 (Echols)
  • Lowndes Co - North Lowndes Co Water System*, pop 12473 (Lowndes)
  • Milner, pop 1890 (Lamar)
  • Pine Ridge Subdivision, pop 105 (Lowndes)
  • Putnam County School Water System*, pop 908 (Putnam)
  • Pyrotechnic Specialties Inc, pop 135 (Peach)
  • Reidsville Water System, pop 2594 (Tatnall)
  • Salem Plantation Subdivision*, pop 130 (Greene)
  • Savannah Health Services LLC, pop 4800 (Chatham)
  • Shuman Trailer Park, pop 65 (Bryan)
  • Statham, pop 3986 (Barrow)
  • Stillmore*, pop 520 (Emanuel)
  • Summertown, pop 250 (Emanuel)
  • Thomson-McDuffie Co Water and Sewer Commission, pop 21,312 (McDuffie)
  • Trotter’s Ridge Subdivision, pop 187 (Jackson)
  • USCE Paynes Creek, pop 130 (Hart)
  • Warrenton, pop 2800 (Warren)
  • Whispering Pines RV Park, pop 308 (Effingham)
  • Willow Lake MHP, pop 91 (Houston)

*new listing in the current reporting quarter (Jan 1, 2023 to Mar 31, 2023)

The following DWF’s have been removed from the significant violations list:

  • Dallas, pop 13232 (Paulding)*
  • Hogansville, pop 3741 (Troup)
  • Oakridge Village, pop 130 (Brooks)
  • Petross, pop 78 (Toombs)
  • Strong Rock Camp and Retreat, pop 350 (White)*
  • Swamp Fox Water System, pop 100 (Chatham)*
  • Truluck Bran-Tre Subdivision, pop 57 (Crisp)*
  • Valley Mobile Home Community, pop 102 (Coweta)

According to the EPA, violations records “document breach of a requirement.” From EPA Safe Drinking Water Act Glossary of terms:
“Violations are detected by assessment of sample results or reviews (including site visits). Violations may lead to legal actions or compliance orders. Violations are publicized, when required, by public notification. Violations may be remedied by compliance/enforcement remedies, such as improved filtration techniques or changes in procedures. Examples include: Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) violations, failure to replace lead service lines, monitoring and reporting violations, treatment technique violations, and procedural violations.”
Note that drinking water information provided on this site is aggregated from the federal EPA database, state resources and local government sources where available.
EPA publishes violation and enforcement data quarterly, based on the inspection reports of the previous quarter. Water systems, states and EPA take up to three months to verify this data is accurate and complete.

Specific questions about your local water supply should be directed to the facility.

The EPA safe drinking water facilities data available to the public presents what is known to the government based upon the most recently available information for more than one million regulated facilities. EPA and states inspect a percentage of facilities each year, but many facilities, particularly smaller ones, may not have received a recent inspection. It is possible that facilities do have violations that have not yet been discovered, thus are shown as compliant in the system.

EPA cannot positively state that facilities without violations shown in ECHO are necessarily fully compliant with environmental laws. Additionally, some violations at smaller facilities do not need to be reported from the states to EPA. If ECHO shows a recent inspection and the facility is shown with no violations identified, users of the ECHO site can be more confident that the facility is in compliance with federal programs.

The compliance status of smaller facilities that have not had recent inspections or review by EPA or the states may be unknown or only available via state data systems.




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